Men’s Skincare: Is It Any Different From Women’s Skincare?

December 6, 2021

Men’s Skincare: Is It Any Different From Women’s Skincare?


Is there really a difference between skincare labelled for men and for women?

With the rising popularity of men’s grooming, there is an increasing number of skincare products developed specifically for men in the market. Putting obvious differences aside, such as product labelling, packaging and fragrances, men’s skincare may also be formulated differently than women’s due to their differing skin attributes. Understanding the differences between the male and female complexion will help us uncover why a differentiated approach to men’s skincare can help them reap more benefits.


1. Men’s Skin Is 25% Thicker Than Women’s

Due to a higher collagen content, men’s skin is generally thicker than women’s. According to Dr Maurice Dray, Cosmetic Doctor, “Skin is very sensitive to male and female hormones. Men have much higher levels of testosterone, which makes their skin 25% thicker and behave differently to a woman’s.”

As a result, men can benefit from stronger skincare formulations as their thicker complexion can tolerate higher concentrations of active ingredients. However, it is still better to err on the side of caution by doing a skin patch test when introducing a new potent skincare ingredient to avoid adverse reactions such as skin irritation, peeling and unwanted breakouts.

A thicker skin layer means that exfoliation is crucial in men’s skincare routines, especially those who are acne-prone. The build-up of excess dead skin cells increase the risk of pores clogging and breakouts. Having an unwanted layer of skin cells resting on top of the skin may also impede the penetration of skincare ingredients into deeper layers of the skin. Men can incorporate gentle yet effective chemical AHA or BHA exfoliators to slough away excess skin cells.


2. Men Have More Active Sebaceous Glands

Testosterones stimulate the production of sebum. Since men have higher levels of testosterones than women, they tend to have larger and more active oil glands which explains why their sebum production is typically double that of women. Using skincare products with oil-control properties, such as the LumiPure Anti-Blemish Cleanser, can reduce the appearance of shiny, oily skin. On the flipside, beware of men’s skincare with overly harsh formulations that strip the skin of its natural oil and moisture as they can damage the skin barrier in the long-run.  

On a positive note, due to their more active sebaceous glands, men are less prone to suffer from dry skin. When building a skincare routine, a lightweight gel moisturiser may be sufficient and they do not necessarily need other products in their regimen to also have hydrating properties.


3. Side Effects From Regular Facial Shaving

Men have denser facial hair growth than women. Regular facial shaving can lead to skin that is more sensitive and prone to irritation as the grooming habit removes the uppermost layer of skin cells. When not careful, shaving can cause open wounds from accidental nicks and cuts, razor burns and razor bumps that need taken care of with appropriate skincare. 

Soothing and non-irritating skincare products can help calm freshly-shaven skin. Products with anti-bacterial properties can help to keep the skin clean and free of bacteria that may potentially enter open wounds from fresh cuts. Spritzing the award-winning LumiShield Anti-Bacterial Facial Mist throughout the day kills harmful bacteria and prevents the aggravation of razor cuts.

In addition, shaving can cause the skin to lose moisture after it has been exposed to water for a prolonged period of time. Moisturising the skin immediately after shaving help to keep it hydrated and reduce the likelihood of irritation.


4. Men Are Less Likely To Experience Hormonal Acne

Women can struggle with hormonal acne, before a menstrual period, during pregnancy, or during menopause, which requires a switch-up in their skincare regimen to meet their skin concerns. In contrast, men are much less likely to experience acne vulgaris caused by hormonal fluctuations so they do not need to keep updating their skincare regimen during ‘that time of the month’.

If you tackle only the occasional zit, keep an acne spot treatment or pimple patches on standby to help banish unexpected pimples when they appear. If you have more severe forms of acne, stick to a consistent anti-acne skincare routine throughout the month to help battle breakouts everyday.



While there are differences in male and female skin attributes, skincare products can be unisex and some can be used by both genders. Pay attention to skincare ingredients that are beneficial to your skin concerns and do a patch test for new skincare products before applying them onto your entire face to root out any allergies or irritation. If you are a skincare beginner, you will not go wrong with a basic men’s skincare routine that comprises of a facial wash, treatment (for instance, an acne spot treatment if you have blemishes), moisturiser and sunscreen.


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