LumiShield Anti-Bacterial Facial Mist

on-the-go skin defence agent

ictasol • chamomile • mint



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An innovative, lightweight anti-bacterial facial mist that kills bacteria and helps keep breakouts at bay. This on-the-go ‘face sanitizer’ protects the skin with a unique blend of our star ingredient, Ictasol (click to learn more) and herbal extracts. Mist it over makeup or on bare skin whenever your skin is compromised by environmental stressors and enjoy an energizing cooling sensation of fine mist and a delightful refreshing aroma. This versatile mist helps to soothe acne-prone skin and keeps your complexion looking fresh throughout the day.


  • Improves the overall appearance of acne-prone skin by 94%*
  • Reduces the number of pimples by 80%**
  • Anti-inflammatory action helps to minimize skin redness, blotchiness and swelling
  • Anti-microbial action helps to kill acne-triggering bacteria
  • Anti-seborrheic action helps to regulate oil production and prevent clogged pores

*In a multicentric study in clinical practices on efficacy of a cream containing 1% of Ictasol on 101 test persons who suffered mild to moderately severe acne. in the treatment period of 6 weeks, 94% of participants saw improvements to their acne skin condition.

**In a monocentric study on efficacy and tolerance of a cream containing 1% of Ictasol on 20 test persons who suffered from mild to moderately severe acne. In the treatment period of 8 weeks, the average number of pimples that participants have were reported to have reduced by about 80%.


Hold the nozzle 12cm – 15cm away from your face. Close your eyes and spray the facial mist 3 – 5 times with your hand moving in a circular clockwise motion to apply the product evenly on your face. Use whenever needed during the day or night.

Suitable for all skin types.


Deionized Water, Chamomile Extract, Ictasol, Polysorbate-20, Mint Extract, Ethyl Hexyl Glycerine and Phenoxyethanol.

Product is free of:
Silicone, Sulfates, Mineral Oil, Drying Alcohol, Paraben, Synthetic Fragrance and Animal Testing.



Skin Type: Combination

Years with Acne: 10 years

I use this product after the gym Abd after make up application and it gives my skin a great glow!


Skin Type: Oily

Years with Acne: 2 years

Absolutely 100% huge fan of this. Extremely refreshing and very convenient to use. Also love the after feeling after using the product.


Skin Type: Combination

Years with Acne: > 10 years

I really liked the mist! I think it was lovely that it was alcohol-free too so it didn’t dry my skin. I loved the calming soothing scent of chamomile in it, really refreshed my skin. And it dried up really fast! I think the product size is good – can last me for quite a while haha and it really did calm my skin.


Skin Type: Combination

Years with Acne: 2 years


Refreshing and cool.


Skin Type: Combination

Years with Acne: > 10 years

Love this too! It feels refreshing and smells great!

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Product review for "LumiShield Anti-Bacterial Facial Mist"

Even though I do not have acne, the facial mist still gives me a really refreshing feeling and my skin feels clean.

  • skin type: normal
  • years with acne: 0 year

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